Women have sex c section

women have sex c section

2 weeks post c section, have been having naughty thoughts about my husband, want to know how long other mums went before they made love again??. Having a c - section should not affect your sex drive, but many new moms don't feel like making love again right away -- and that's totally normal. For one thing. If you recently gave birth through a C section, it is normal to have doubts and questions regarding the appropriate time to resume your sex life. Most women.

Women have sex c section - come

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How Many Times Can a Woman Have a C-Section Before it Becomes Life-Threatening? New figures show that record numbers of women in England are having c - sections. Daisy Buchanan explores why so many new mums are still. Get the scoop on when it's safe to have sex after birth, and what moms say the first Even if you've had a c - section, bacteria from the vagina can travel directly into the Chalk it up to the same reasons some women breeze through pregnancy. Women who underwent either a C - section or a vaginal delivery requiring vacuum extraction had higher odds of experiencing painful sex even.

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